28 a l n o c c i o l o Hinduism goes and relieves from the burden of time. Any story, doctrine, practice or legend met in Hinduism is capable of such a kind of abandon to cancel, above all, the dimension of years, if not of millennia. Behind this feeling there may be spiritual reasons, such as the sense of eternity owned by an ohm , or symbolic ones, such as the enormous weave of divinities, stories and traditions bringing to an Olympus far - but only in appearance - from the human dimension. Hindu religious narratives do not fit into a Cartesian plan, transcending dimensions, physics and, most of all, time. Sixty million years, for instance, Kama expected before shooting the flower of mango to hit Siva. Legends and metaphors where human control is impossible and where nothing remains but to listen, where the whole animal kingdom interacts with human behavior, visually characterizing the parable, by excluding it from anything possible to make it even more evident, understandable. In Hindu pantheon there is no shortage of flowers and fruits, and among the symbolic plants mango is the one that produces the national fruit of India . Here it grows as far as the eye can see, and here it is revered in Ganesha’s hands, or in Kama’s quiver. MANGO: KAMA AND THE FLOWER OF DESIRE Kama , the god of love, can be imagined as a young man clutched in the wings of a parrot, with a bow made of sugar cane and bee rope. A sweet weapon loaded with flower arrows: « mango, sun lotus, blue lotus, ashoka and jasmine 4 ». It was Indra, supreme deity, who sent him to the Himalayas where there was Siva, who had been meditating too long, claimed by gods at their side to defend themselves from a demon. Kama, also called Five-Arrows , joined him, armed the bow and stretched the bee rope, holding this position for 60 million years. Kama shoot the mango flower 5 when the goddess Parvati, once finished her ascetic journey, also reached Siva's body, intent on joining the only one she wanted. Kama did not miss, the flower turned into a breath of love and crossed Siva, who began to feel the emotion of infatuation taking control of his mind. Siva, the god who destroys and regenerates, opened his eyes, saw Five-Arrows, opened the third one and incinerated him.