the good inside. the excellence in prison work: stories of food, stories of men curated by sandro di domenico a four-step dossier that, beyond the bars, investigates the microcosm of prison economy: behind walls as high as those of a castle, but with barbed wire, processed by invisible hands, a focus about the good inside . - still life panels curated by mustafa sabbagh - in the appendix: the O7 recipes inspired by the products of the prison economy circuit vices and virtues of a favorite: the apricot curated by stefano santangelo the apricot and its self-showing flavored with hubris, haughty since childhood: the controversial fate of the favorite . - illustration panels curated by carlo pastore the pine nut at the time of the fall of the gods curated by stefano santangelo a fruit and the strength of an icon: pine cone was pedigreed as superior, but now the future of the myth cannot be satisfied only with 16 mg of calcium. - illustration panels curated by carlo pastore on pulque, violence and redemption of the lasts curated by federico spadoni fermentation knows how to go beyond acid notes, and here it leads to violence: violence of sound, of message, of an urge. diary of an invisible (if necessary, break the media showcase) curated by fabiola triolo becoming transparent as the most extreme act of rebellion that you can think of. To disappear, to leave room for emptiness, in order to increase the volume of the clash – as contemporary art teaches. philosophy has always been queer. an interview with leonardo caffo curated by leonardo merlini life takes place in reasoning about other species and hybridization. An interview with Leonardo Caffo, eccentric and diagonal thoughts, and an irrevocable self-examination: we are the virus . cannibal brain curated by federico tosi talking about coincidences: fire discovered, meat cooked, intestine decreased, brain increased. Evolutionism says that we think only once we have digested. the surplus value of surpluses. for an ecology of the debate about sustainability in architecture curated by giovanni corbellini ecology so as not to limit sustainability to the façade alone. Architectural solutions can go beyond materials, to meet truly sustainable needs. words mind-oxygenating curated by paolo borzacchiello the chemistry of the words and why it is better to say are you free now? rather than do I bother you? . Linguistic intelligence and its effects on brain and emotions. the post-pandemic care is doughnut-shaped. the economic and bioethical model by kate raworth curated by federico tosi we can change by giving a new meaning to things. Kate Raworth's Doughnut Economy convinces Amsterdam, that deals with the Covid healing the planet. 24 42 50 60 88 114 124 140 148 156