151 Paolo Borzacchiello (1974), linguistic-behavioural profiler, writer and consultant, is the greatest Italian authority on the power of language. It was a rather demanding stuttering to keep him from expressing himself with confidence, which he started to do only after he turned twenty: today he is a quoted speaker, including training courses on human interactions and consultancy for the most important companies in the world. Co-founder and brand ambassador of HCE Human connections Engineering – the first science that studies the way human beings interact – he founded the HCE Research Institute to promote research in this field. He is also co-founder of Upgrade Your Brain , the first social community dedicated to the free disclosure of tools to improve one’s own life through simple actions based on neuroscientific principles. Among his novels, already bestsellers, La Parola Magica (2018), Il codice segreto del linguaggio (2019), Il Super Senso (2019). 5 Plato, Phaedo or On the Soul , 386-385 B.C. 6 Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus , 1921 7 Read, for instance, The anarchic brain (Enzo Soresi, e-book@bookrepublic.it , 2014) and La speranza è un farmaco. Come le parole possono vincere la malattia (Fabrizio Benedetti, ed. Mondadori, 2018) 8 Read, for instance, Thinking, fast and slow (Daniel Kahneman, ed. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2011)