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#O4 à la carte

red carpet

sarde in saor

aubergines and caviar

buckwheat pasta with hazelnuts and bottarga

spaghetti with clams, groundnuts and marrow

mushroom risotto with egg yolks and powdered raspberries

codfish and nuts

fruit and vegetable salad in a vinegar cloud

ginger beer and mulberries with cicioni

braised veal with pumpkin and mango

dried fruit salad with cointreau foam

mead ice-cream in a ginger tart

#O3 à la carte

Almond yogurt air, nuts crumble and dehydrated wild fruit

Marinated melon, seaweed caviar and walnut tannins

Wholemeal taco with Cicioni and pesteda, mango sauce and aquatic mint, chickweed and smoked cashews

Hazelnut ricotta, fermented honey and grapes

Lavender, palmaria palmata and spirulina ice cream, dried tuna heart, pickled rose and wild fennel

Smoked trout, wild apple and nuts sauce

Handmade pasta with walnuts

Maca root and coconut kombucha

Hazelnut flour and sourdough pancake, coconut yogurt, elderflowers, kombucha glaze, aegopodium podagraria

Blue cheese and hazelnuts ice cream, early spring sprouts and flowers

Bitter chocolate leaves with maca, green tea, baobab, polypodium vulgare, red fruits, ginger and spirulina powders

Baobab milk, tequila reposado, aromatic calamus root extract, sea water and kombucha vinegar

#O2 à la carte

Hazelnut flan

Cocoa, buckwheat flour and hazelnut muffin

Lentil and hazelnut hummus

Walnut and maca root custard with grapes and pears

Vitelotte potatoes with cashew nuts and maca root sauce, smoked oil and fennel

Pressed fennel with carrot mayonnaise and charcoal-infused oil

Mallow blossom, dried fig and star anise infusion

Velouté of vitelotte yams, ginger and maca root

Leeks with ginger, nasturtium, pistachio and vegetable yoghurt

Sweet and sour tempeh with almond foam and wild herbs

Golden tofu with citrus, celeriac puree and wild garlic

Raw pumpkin velouté with lacto-fermented beans

#O1 à la carte

Millet and pumpkin with sprouts, toasted almonds and aÇai

Chickpeas farinata with curcuma, mixed chicory, vegetable yoghurt and aÇai

Raw cous cous of cauliflower and almonds

Broccoli ball, avocado and almonds with pink chicory and fresh curdle sour cream

Cooked pear, ginger, lemon thyme and chopped Modica chocolate

Pancakes and red fruits with coconuts flakes

Vegetable yoghurt, puffed amaranth, mixed seeds and bilberries

Hibiscus, goji berries and rosemary infusion

Castelluccio Lentils in salad with strips of julienne of red cabbage

Raw artichokes with aromatic herbs with French dressing and spicy chopped almonds

Red Brussels sprouts with pistachios, flowers and aÇai

Cashews fresh curdle and black sesame cracker