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Now, finally, breathe. Enhance the automatism of the inhaling/exhaling robotic act by making the breath alive, recognizing ourselves for what we are: Humans, bodies and thoughts in motion. The contemporary cult of the body, temple of skin and visions, is the pure Ossigeno of contemporaneity.

In a synthetic era of artificial intelligences, Ossigeno is a synesthetic journey made up of exclusive authorial contents, coordinated in a six-monthly graphic project published in precious and eco-sustainable materials. Embracing the holistic philosophy conceiving the person as a unicum of self-awareness and contemporary culture, Ossigeno inhales sensory experiences, artistic avant-gardes and scientific studies exhaling them in the shape of contents that, like electro-symphonies, hybridize the poetry of the analog to the experimentation of the digital.

No advertising page in Ossigeno: declaration of intellectual independence, pure tension of research and aspiration to bon vivre through pages blending culture with awareness. Published by NutsforLife, sensitive to environment, health and food awareness issues, and  distributed by Limond, which selects on a global scale the best publications in the field of Architecture, Urban Planning, Design, Art, Graphics and Photography, Ossigeno «is the air we wish to breathe. Quality, research and innovation are the salient features of our philosophy. Ossigeno is a breath that feeds on art, well-being and energy to share culture and give value to every aspect of good living. Colours, words, spaces, silences, emptiness and fullness, images: that is Ossigeno», according to the words of the general director Mario Zani, who entrusted Ossigeno’s artistic direction to Mustafa Sabbagh’s renowned vision.

Elements of Life and elements of the periodic table, pop-baroque oneiric élan and nerd minimalism, elegance typical of authorship and awareness coming from well-being interpenetrate in an editorial series that, first of all, stands as a will: finally, that of breathing.


bilingual six-monthly cultural publication, 160 pages
published by NutsforLife editions – Cambiamenti snc [Faenza, IT]
printed on Dolce Vita, Favini 145g paper, FSC certified and produced using 100% green energy
flexible cover screen-printed on Arjowiggins, Curious Matter Black Truffle 380g paper

general director _ Mario Zani
artistic director _ Mustafa Sabbagh
managing director _ Carlo Zauli
graphic director _ Laura Zavalloni
editor in chief _ Fabiola Triolo
illustration panels _ Carlo Pastore
editorial staff _ Fabiola Triolo, Federico Tosi, Sandro Di Domenico, Stefano Santangelo, Leonardo Merlini, Cetty Giuffrida

Ossigeno is a project made possible thanks to the support of Fondazione Ossigeno ETS and the operational support of Euro Company SPA Società Benefit.

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